images/tgu01.jpgTaungoo is located 175 miles north of Yangon on Yangon-Mandalay road. The old Kaytumadi city was founded in the present day Taungoo by King Mingyinyo during the 15th century. All four sides of the city wall are still very conspicuously preserved except for a small part of the southern wall. Taungoo is also the main gateway into the Bago-Yoma region, and is extremely rich in teak forests. Although its ancient empire has long since crumbled, Taungoo still remains an important pilgrimage site for several Buddhist devotees.

Elephant Camp - Taungoo

tgu02This Elephant camp consists of just shelters built by loggers and elephant mahouts primarily for logging puposes. The shelters in the camp are used as houses for workers, storage for the equipment, and also as an office. Much of the space inside is open (without a proper wall) except for a small compartment that is used for sleeping. For a relatively short term logging operation the shelters are less elaborate. The kitchen is usually simple with just a roof on top to shield from the rain, and the toilets are usually located outside of the shelters. However, if the logging operation is long term shelter will usually become a permanent place for the elephants and their mahouts.


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